Friday, April 14, 2006

SAD and Belle Arts - life under tarps

I am starting to settle in to Bellevue a bit. The husband has already noticed I feel better. I need to get a light box to deal with this SAD business, and a dawn simulator (or maybe a dawn-simulating blanket)- it's just so damned dark under this tarped Belle Arts apartment building.

You know how disorienting a windowless cruise ship cabin is? It's like that here, but for a MONTH already. Very dark, and there's nothing I can do about it. Our real one bedroom apartment at 989 Elements won't be ready for business until some time in May (they are saying May 6th; maybe earlier, we'll see).

At least I picked up some pretty curtains to hide the ugly tarping. It's a rich chocolate brown, crushed silky material, from Bed, Bath and Beyond, at the Crossroads Mall.

I also bought a ton of lights and keep them all on. Even the bathroom light. "Do we have to have so many lights on?", Dan asks.

Well, in a word, yes. Seattle is gloomy enough without having to live in a cave.

The curtains and excess of lights keep me from feeling re-pissed-off every time I see our one window to the world, all covered up. The entire Belle Arts midrise sweats under this white, white blankness. It's just a waiting they take the tarp off first, do I lose my mind, or just limp along wondering which comes first?


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