Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Urban Living - Mini vs Full-size Washer and Dryer

One thing I've discovered from living in the city is that many apartments make great use of small spaces. I always had a full-size washer and dryer. Now, while temporarily in this studio apartment sublet, we have a stacking washer and dryer. And I LOVE it.

It's so much more appropriate to an urban lifestyle. For one, we don't have the room for a lot of clothes, so I have to do more frequent, smaller washes. This is both water and energy wasting in a large washer/dryer set. And if I decide to wait until I have enough clothes for a full load, then I don't have enough clothes left in my wardrobe to wear!

Also along these lines, I don't have the room for a full-size laundry basket anywhere - it simply takes up too much space. I can handle storing a mini-basket for my mini-loads. I just use a 2.5 gallon Readi-Tote from Rite Aid (it was $2.99).

Lastly, and very nicely, is that the dryer is on top of the washer. I never realized how convenient that would be. I don't have to hurt my back bending over, and it's actually far, far easier to actually get the wet stuff into the dryer without dropping anything.

Anyway, it was amazing to realize I prefer a smaller, stacking W/D to the full-size set. I don't have children nor huge laundry loads, and this is the perfect set of conservation-friendly appliances for my husband and myself.

Now I need a mini-dishwasher to wash our four forks every few days... :)

Here is a link to a related topic thread on my Living Simply website at BellaOnline: Have Fun Doing your Laundry.


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