Thursday, April 13, 2006

More on Cottonelle Toilet Paper

I wish this product had some recycled paper content in it, but according to the Cottonelle Ripples Website FAQ, it's made entirely of virgin wood fibers. Maybe we can ask Cottonelle nicely to reconsider this. I did try to email them about it, but found that the link was broken.

Oh, well. You do get 12 Puppy Points with the purchase. Anyone ever use Puppy Points? Buy a puppy towel? Wouldn't it be better to put the money towards the Humane Society or something more socially responsible?

Poking around their website a bit more I see there is a chance to do some good for the world via buying from Cottonelle. You have to sign up for their Save For College program, but at least it's something, a 5%-towards-education-thing.

Why am I going on about Cottonelle toilet paper? Their triple ply "Ripples" paper rolls work out better in my small Bellevue studio than any other paper I've found. Tell me if you've found something else that's good, especially if it has any recycled paper content.