Thursday, April 13, 2006

Studio Apartment Living - buying toilet paper

Living in a studio apartment - our sublet here at Belle Arts is all of 414 square feet - we have to economize on storage. One little thing I've discovered is that Cottonelle Triple layer toilet paper is a great compromise between storing lots of toilet paper, and having to run out to the store.

My old routine was to buy large, economy amounts of TP when they go on sale. You know, those packs of 20, 40, and even 80 rolls at Costco or something. I just don't have the room for that any more.

So my next plan was buying those tightly packed Scott Tissue single-ply rolls and only buying a few extras to store. Those suckers last forever, but my husband doesn't like wiping his rear with what he calls scratchy paper. He likes the quilted stuff.

So enter Cottonelle triple layer. It cost me $6.99 at the Factoria Mall Target store.

It's thick, which Dan likes, and dense enough to last and last (which I like). It's not quilted; it's "rippled". Okay, so same thing, really. They call it their longest-lasting roll. I have to remember to use less of it, since three layers is far more absorbant than I am used to from my old scratchy-butt Scott single ply.

My 8 pack is, thus far, lasting as long as a typical 24 pack. I'm quite pleased with my cleverness.

The upshot - less waste (less paper needed per use), less toilet paper rolls to find reuses for, cheaper price than a 24 pack for the same amount of rear-time, and - HUGELY important - takes up less space in my tiny Bellevue studio.

Is this a responsible product? I can say they are trying, but could stand to do better as a company. Here are my expanded thoughts about Cottonelle.


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