Monday, April 17, 2006

Bellevue Blogs - Gregg's BlogCycle

Looking around for other friendly, neighborhood Bellevue blogs and found well-regarded Bellevue wrench Greggs Cycles started a blog of their own. There's some good stuff in there but it's not updated enough. At this point, looks to be a monthly.

Still, check out the useful Your Bike Doesn't Have to Hurt You. This is great info for bike enthusiasts who wonder why their necks, wrists, palms and butt bones hurt so much.

I like how they've divided up the pain into 1. Physical, 2. Good Pain and 3. Mechanical Pain. Mechanical Pain - the easiest pain to manage - is further subdivided into 1. Fit, 2. Form, and 3. Prior Injury. Obviously Fit and Form are the simplest to fix within in the Mechanical Pain uber-category. And these are the areas a competant local shop, like Gregg's, comes in most handy for a visit. :)

This kind of useful-to-anyone article is a superb example of how a locals-oriented blog can really help people. I do like their other information, but a lot of it is for gear geeks who appreciate the newest Shimano rear specific 140mm disc rotors. Not that there's anything wrong with that...

I also enjoyed the So, You Want To Race blog - great, again, for those casual cyclists who find they are stronger and faster than they thought they could be, and are curious to test their limits. Several "starter races" are recommended, with registration links. Nice job, Greggs' guys.

More on Greggs:
Check out the History of Greggs Cycles, on their website. The Greggs Cycles website itself is a bit dodgy; could stand a fresh redesign. Easy nav, but clunky on the eyes.


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