Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Washington Square Updates, Multi-Use and Frank Lloyd Wright

Curious about the new multi-use condominiums going up at Washington Square? Here is a useful tidbit from a local real estate blog:

New Bellevue Condo Complex Previewed [Asset Realty Group, Feb 24 2006]

I love multi-use planning and rezoning initiatives. I don't want to use my car and I like walking everywhere when I need something. According to this blog's resources, Washington Square will have five 20-story multi-use residential highrises.

Well, that explains the huge pit in the ground and the giganto-cranes scoring the skyline.

There will be, according to the blog's sources, "a collection of neighborhood-oriented retail shops and restaurants, a upscale “European-style'’ Zupan’s Market grocery store, an amenities center that includes community meeting rooms and a fitness center, pedestrian walkways, landscaped terrace gardens, underground parking...", yadda yadda yadda. Sounds great to me.

As a Frank Lloyd Wright/Arcosanti devotee, I believe a city should have concentrated use - go high! Go deep! Go long! :-) Pack it in; do it with clean lines and attention to detail, lots of texture and plants and art and fountains. Then leave the greenspaces green, and gradually dispense with the presence of PEOPLE and let wilderness reign. Amen.