Friday, April 07, 2006

Urban Living - the Sounds of Nature

There's a little bit of sensory deprivation between the brain and nature when you live in an urban environment. If you have a window that looks out into another bulding, or a wall, or like me you are trapped under plastic tarps and scaffolding (some kind of window renovation here at Belle Arts Apartments), then you need a bit of artificial nature to soothe the soul.

That's my excuse for spending extra money, anyway.

Start with the sounds of nature. You can buy consumer items to re-create nature's little moods and play them after work or all night long.

I went to the Bed, Bath and Beyond at Crossroads Mall. Bought a Homeomedics Nature Alarm Clock - $29.99. It plays the radio, sure, but also gives me choices of Thunder, Summer Night, Rainforest, Rain and Ocean. There's also a button for Waterfall, but everyone who has heard it agrees it's really just White Noise. Which is fine if you like that. I enjoy all the other choices tremendously. Summer Night reminds me of my childhood in Upstate New York.

We also have a nice big, slim profile fan that oscillates. There's a setting for breeze, which is odd, since the sounds that emits is really more like Wind Storm Blowing Outside in the Fields. I like it anyway - there's a cozy feeling to it, plus you get the sensation of an actual breeze (it IS a fan, after all).

Couple the Breeze sound with the clock's rain and you have a the opportunity for a real cozy evening. I would even go so far as to buy a Negative Ion Machine to create that clean, rainstorm feeling. Then turn off the Breeze and the rain and play Summer Night with it' cricket noises and drift to sleep. Ahhhh.


At 7:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahhh, yes...the Homeomedics Nature Alarm Clock....I purchased one in Kallispell Montana after having way to many sleepless nights in hotels across America and parts of Europe. Being a Flight Attendant and sleeping in a different bed, not to mention different time zone, plus bad diet, I needed all the help I could get. The Nature alarm clock was perfect. It's compact, easily reset for different time zones and durable. Yes, even Flight Attendants have their bags dropped from great heights by apes....

At 8:25 PM, Blogger JillyFlorio said...

Hi Ginger and thanks for posting! I agree that this is a darn good clock. Did I mention it floats a blue light of the time on our ceiling?

We went and looked at a few Sharper Image sound makers, but we still like this Homeomedics one. They generally make good stuff for pampering. :)

Do the apes also pounce on your luggage, like in the old Samsonite commercial? Or do they just like to drop them? ;-)

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