Saturday, July 26, 2008

Personal Blog -

FYI - my personal blog is It ain't much so far, but is for my random jottings, notes and fevered delusions. Everyone's got to have a place to ramble, right? I am the HippyGeek, BTW. Pretty much sums up who I am and what I like in life.

The breakdown for my writing: is my local town website is the archive of my professional articles is just day to day thoughts

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Crestline Living - things are going well!

My new town blog - Crestline Living - is rolling along well. My goal is to introduce this gorgeous yet little known area to more people and prepare people for the realities of living here. If you ever wanted to live in Mayberry, this is a good place to consider moving to!

I will post as many pictures as possible. Here is one to start, of Big Bear Lake, of a wooden boardwalk trail over a lovely marsh.

I am slowly adding reviews of different businesses, restaurants, hiking trails, event, activities and lodging along the San Bernardino Mountains.

My logo is currently being worked up from a concept I designed. I'm pretty excited to see how it comes out. :-)

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Content being moved to

As I no longer live in Bellevue, I am in the process of moving this content over to my writing portfolio website

All my writings over the last 20 years are slowly being organized in that one spot - wooo hoo! It's feeling good to get organized. As I am trying to not overwhelm myself I am moving things slowly...old articles from various blogs and websites like and first. Then I will have to dig back into older stored media, like floppy discs and zip disks. (You know, I LIKED zip discs. They weren't the Big Thing for long though...). I actually have a portable zip drive in my drawer for this purpose, and I am keeping around my old floppy drive computer too, for when I set aside the time to dig in and retrieve old works.

Thursday, July 17, 2008 - Dynamic Flash Sites to be Indexed By Google

Google and Yahoo have announced that they now have the ability to index dynamic web content via the Flash player. polyGeek has created an experiment called to see how dynamic Flash sites will be indexed. Fleximagically is a Wordpress blog with a Flash sites interface - created with Adobe Flex. It uses the same Admin backend as any other Wordpress blog but everything the user sees is loaded dynamically - using AMFPHP - to get data from the database and present it to the user.

The site uses SWFAddress and SWFObject to lend support for deepLinking and browser history - back and forward buttons. So the site looks and behaves much as any blog would.

polyGeek will be sharing the tips and tricks he learns about search engine optimization - SEO - for the Flash player as time goes on.