Monday, April 03, 2006

Clothes for Living in the Rain

I've had to change my attire since moving to Washington. After all, I've spent my entire adult life in Arizona and California. So I am used to open toed shoes and sunglasses and lots of hats and those long yoga pants.

Here in Bellevue, I need closed toed shoes, which I hate. I feel like they trap my feet. And I had to Goodwill-ize all my long yoga pants, since they drag on the ground. That was fine in dry San Diego and arid Arizona. Here the pant bottoms just get muddy, and the capillary action draws the moisture right up my pant leg. Ick.

Back at the Bellevue Goodwill, I found some decent closed toed shoes that I don't hate. And my cargo pants stop at a decent length above my shoes.

It's all about learning to adapt. I still carry my sunglasses around everywhere (really don't need them here, not until summer, I bet). My sun hat lives in my car, ready for imprompu hikes and walks. And now there's an umbrella living in the car - a new creature for me. I keep forgetting to actually USE it.

Don't let anyone tell you it doesn't rain here. Honestly, a good, hard rain is rare. But it does seem to mist and drizzle for weeks on end.

Even so, it's incredibly beautiful here. Once I completely adapt to the Pacific Northwest, I think I won't want to be anywhere else.


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